DreaMule 3.2

Make file sharing friendlier and faster


  • Improved interface
  • Supposedly Low ID issue fixed


  • Not an original interface


DreaMule is a nicely designed file sharing program which follows the format of eMule, the famous P2P application. The structure of the two applications is basically the same: the way you search and download files and also how you prioritize them.

The plus of DreaMule is an easier searching tool and a more pleasant, user friendly interface, together with a hidden, vital enhancement which puts many people off file sharing programs.

DreaMule resolves the issue of having a ‘low ID’, which is the Achilles' heel of all eMule users and causes very slow downloads or very long waiting lists before a download can start.

Usually this happens when users use a firewall or a protected router. They are still able to upload and download files but need the help of servers to be reached by other clients.

Their IP/ports are not exchanged between other peers, limiting their possibilities for finding sources. You will have to decide for yourself whether this major issue is definitely solved or not, meanwhile I can say the programs had no problem in finding and connecting immediately to many sources to download copyright-free materials.

It’s an open source, ad-free application which improves eMule’s main features making file sharing friendlier and faster. It’s your turn now to give the last word.

Differently from any other file-sharing programs, DreaMule has a practical and vivid interface. Minimal intervention required from user, DreaMule has been all set.

The interface is simple to beginners and powerful to experts. Dreamule network is, doubtless, the most vast of them all, including 5 million users around the world - you'll have access to everything from different cultures.



DreaMule 3.2

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    is it there.
    I download it, run it but I am yet to see the application even when I open it, does it appear under...   More